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Tip 1: the human hair weave partition partition blow the hair easier to think about is how to barber salon you blow? First upper hair bundle to the head, the lower hair dryer. Then head wet after payment, the re-turn dry. Own at home when you can do the same, or you will find already very dry blonde wigs human hair surface, but inside the hair root is still very wet. Tip 2: Do not be the first blow blow hair root hair, hair roots penetrate down to the water let you do useful work. First dry the hair root, and then blowing the hair, or let hair dry naturally, will minimize the harm a hair dryer. Tip 3: hairdryer constantly move a lot of people often make a mistake, blowing a hair dryer when the area is stationary, so because the heat concentrated in one area can easily lead to hair damage. Therefore, starting from the head start hairdryer, a hand hair fiddle open, one hand moving a hair dryer. Tip 4: Do not pour blowing wet hair cuticle is open, blown along the direction of hair growth will close the hair cuticle, cuticle will open if the blow fell, blowing more edgy. Tip 5: Select the Smart hairdryer star big S on the recommendation of the thermostat full lace wig human hair dryer, it will maintain a certain temperature, if continued to blow a lead that part of the cheap human hair extensions area temperature is too hot, hair-dryer will turn red. Tip 6: hairdryers and scalp to keep hair away from the hair dryer away about 15cm, avoid it touch the human hair lace front wigs, the hair too close can cause heat damage.

The new year has quietly opened, many happy bride into the wedding hall, a grand occasion, certainly ultimately bridal hair design, bridal hairstyle pictures exciting show for everyone, small with everyone to see noble a type of bride hairstyle, new people together to feel the joy of it silent. Sweet bridal hair comb the hair out of the overall clean lines, back below the dish a sweet bun, and then several flower white flowers as the shape rendering and embellishment, it is really very perfect. Easy hair styling intellectual a low bun, cheap human hair extensions lines and neat, decent, and then do the two dancing butterflies, it is the perfect interpretation of girls dream wedding. Natural bride of a more casual hairstyle bridal hairstyle, a good demonstration of the bride and generous personality, random hair, fluttering in the wind, rendering a more romantic feel, oh. Bridal human hair weave style bar has aristocratic temperament of a bridal hair style bar, is one of many heart shape little princess lived MM who love it. Rich and beautiful full lace wig human hair line, romantic micro loop human hair extensions curl, it is to play nicely. Bridal hair styling hair partition, then make beautiful arc line, the 100 human hair bundles upward cleanly away, projecting delicate face, especially in large . Liu Qi bride shape is very sweet and lively Liu Qi bridal tape in human hair extensions design, expressing a new people's hearts immense joy. At the same time, it is a good way to reduce age. The orange human hair lace front wigs color, fair skin looks particularly healthy oh.

Intellectual type human hair wigs for black women repair Yan index: ★★★★★ tail perm effect on linen with brown hair, revealing intellectual taste and parted bangs can cover the face, so as to achieve the purpose of repair Yen, also can more mature. Side looked irregular tail waving effect makes hair become more full and endowed with layering. So many otaku themselves. Sweet type of unprocessed human hair repair Yan index: ★★★★ burst of heavy sense of Qi Liu will reduce a lot, thus exhibiting light feeling, casual charm. Side effects, simply doubling the temperament and broken hair to make it light, wrapped face, even more pure and sweet, repair Yen best results. Charming type hair repair Yan index: ★★★★★ simple burst Qi Liu highlighted the heavy feeling and layering u part human hair wigs, kind of innate charming little woman taste. No rule of fluffy effect highlights the heavy feeling of hair back of the head portion, thereby modifying the first type. Pure type of hair repair Yan index: ★★★★★ thick Qi Liu highlights big eyes, very repair Yan, the tail of a substantial buckle is added to the heavy feeling, to bring out the petite face. Level of irregular perm, to create a sense of style messy. Soft type human hair wigs for black women repair Yan Index: ★★★★ shoulder length but also reflects the temperament of just mature, carve bangs with maroon up with a more elegant appearance, pleasant. Slight shoulder-length affordable human hair wigs pieces reflect the natural soft feel, simple shapes in general.

Recently, held in Shanghai chinajoy exhibition, a "turret head" scene caused many tourists to follow suit, and users praise boom. And a girl in chinajoy site, by a barber "DOTA2" exhibition grounds out of the "turret head" tipping trendy hairstyles. It is understood that the barber haircut for girls in the open field, they begin to crowd sparked tourists. Especially a lot of male tourists, beside watching very vigorously, deeply "turret head" to attract. Also, there are a lot of people waiting in barber reason "turret head", which is also unprecedented in chinajoy game show once queued haircut big action. It is reported that this haircut barber, is "DOTA2" exhibition dedicated "turret head" barber. In fact, from the barber was wearing a "DOTA2" peripheral T-shirts can be seen. In addition, the interview revealed to the barber, the "turret head" design is very avant-garde, especially the design of the "eye" very express individuality. If the rationale of such a hairstyle not only highlight the spirit, still able to play it cool. I believe that this is also a tourist whom queued for it and the best reason haircut. Fashion is everywhere, as long as the courage to try to discover. In fact, the roots players can also become fashion forward on behalf of the counter-attack. Anyone not to be intimidated by the stars, there is a saying well, up several thirty-four generation, someone are farmers. Fashion without distinction, no entertainment circle.